When it comes to your roof, it is crucial to maintain the tiles; otherwise, you might find yourself presented with leaks or falling tiles. Do you know how to effectively care for your roof tiles?

This blog post will advise you on how to care for your roof tiles in the right way, and we will discuss what you can do when you can’t maintain it yourself.


Regular maintenance is a must when handling the longevity of your roof tiles. You need to clean them regularly with a low-powered water hose, and a gentle brush. You will need to clear out any dirt, algae or moss that builds up over time, as it can damage the integrity of your roof. Anti-moss spray is also recommended when cleaning your roof, to safely prevent moss build-up.

Make sure to not use high pressure when cleaning roof tiles as this could damage the finish or remove it entirely. Low-pressure should work, but if you are struggling, we advise that you consult a professional.


You should be regularly inspecting your roof tiles to check for any cracks, damages or loose tiles that threaten to come off. Damages or cracks could indicate a larger issue, so make sure you note down the damages you see and hire a professional who can thoroughly inspect your roof.

Safety is always paramount when dealing with roof tiles, so inspecting regularly can prevent further internal damage or tiles falling.


It might be advisable to cut down any trees or foliage that threatens to fall on your roof, as this could cause severe damages in the future. A build-up of leaves can also prevent roof drainage and can cause internal leaks, so make sure you are on the lookout for drainage build-up caused by leaves of debris.


Adverse weather conditions, old tiles or unexpected debris can take their toll on your roof tiles. Proper care and regular inspections allow you to address the situation quickly before further damages are done. Our expert team offer roof tile repairs and can help you with your roofing issue, no matter how small.

You can contact a member of the County Roofing team, and we can discuss your roofing needs. We have over 3 plus years of experience, so you are in safe hands with our team.