Have you ever wondered about the real benefits of a green roof system? This blog post will share insight into the concept of green roof systems and how they can help you get the most out of nature. We will share our expertise and shed light on the key benefits of this system, including saving energy and encouraging biodiversity in cities.


A green roof system also called a living roof, is where a traditional roof is covered with a growing medium, such as vegetation. High-quality green roof systems include water-proofing, drainage system, a lightweight growing system and a roof repellent system.

Simply put, imagine a garden, with added environmental features, relocated to your roof.


Many benefits accompany green roof systems, including improved water quality, providing a habitat for wildlife, improved sound absorption and, of course, improvement in the quality of air.


A green roof system with plants can help convert CO2 into oxygen, which will help to purify the air you breathe. This process of purifying the air is especially beneficial for tightly packed homes in cities, which might not have gardens or green spaces.


Plants can absorb sunlight, which means a green roof system can help improve your indoor temperature. As mentioned below, a green roof can also provide additional insulation and provide an extra layer on your builder.


Did you know that green roof systems can help to reduce summer energy demands by up to 75%? Green roof systems also act as an insulator and can reduce the energy required to cool and heat a building.


As mentioned above, homes in cities might not have a garden, which reduces the amount of green space available for wildlife. Green roof systems encourage biodiversity as plants offer a place for insects, birds and more to live, nest and enjoy.


Due to the increased durability of your green roof system, over conventional roofs, you will not have to replace or repair as frequently as you would with a traditional roof. The longevity of your roof will increase, thanks to a green roof system, as it will help to shield your roof from external dangers, and weather conditions.


A green roof system also creates a sound barrier between your home and the outside world. A green roof can also increase the value of your building, lower chances of vandalism and are low maintenance. Our final benefit, personally, is that green roof systems are beautiful and add something unique to your building.