Are you underwhelmed with the performance of your roof? Are you concerned about the costs that an entirely new roof would incur? Then, you should look into the benefits of liquid coating. This blog post explores the concept of liquid coating your roof and shares examples of different types of roof coating, including Bituminous, Polymeric, and Polymer modified.

Check out which liquid coating you should choose.


Predominately used for flat roofs, liquid roof coating has become increasingly popular. Roof coating liquids are used because they can improve the performance life of your roof, which means it increases the efficiency of your property in terms of energy bills and heating.

Other than increased efficiency, roof coatings also help with the visual aspect of your roof as there are different colours to choose from, and it makes the overall appearance of your roof look better. Liquid coating is also great for climate management, meaning that coating your roof improves structure while decreasing corrosion.

Also, coating your roof also reduces energy consumption, will extend the longevity of your roof and protects you against leaks


If you want to build a flexible and vapour-proof protective coat, a bituminous roof coating can do that. This easy to apply substance makes your roof long-lasting, with an estimated life-span of 10 plus years. A bituminous roof is known for its waterproofing capabilities, as the substance is self-adhesive, which means that it stops leaks as the structure is watertight, thanks to the coating.


Polymeric coatings for your roof are crafted using different synthetic resins, and similarly to bituminous, it improves the watertight element of your roof. The synthetic resins that are typically used are styrene-butadiene, neoprene, acrylic, polyvinyl acetate and urethane.


The third type of roof coating we want to discuss is the polymer-modified roof coating, which is essentially a hybrid of bituminous roof coatings and polymeric Roof coatings. This type of coating is a bituminous coating, which has been crafted using a bitumen-compatible polymer. The combination of these two mentioned elements helps to improve performance, flexibility and is long-lasting.


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