Lead Sheet Flashings

Lead Sheet is indisputably the best material for flashings, it can be readily cut and fitted, its extreme malleability makes it the ideal material for dressing over complicated shapes, particularly the multi-curved contours of most roofing tiles

Lead Sheet is a long life material; time –tested to prove that when detailed and fitted correctly it will have a life at least equal to the best slates.

Design Considerations.

For most flashing applications, code 3, 4 & 5 lead sheet will be adequate, additional thickness can also be required when bossing or dress lead sheet over deeply profiled materials.
How ever, with flashings the most important factor to ensure long life is length, and therefore for all individual flashing pieces it is essential that this should not exceed 1.5m.

For most lead gutter or flat roof application, code 5, 6, 7 or 8 would be used depending on the size of the bays.

Thermal Movement.

Due to the relatively high coefficient of expansion of lead (0.0000297 for 1oC), regular expansion joint are required in lead work to accommodate the expansion and contraction that results form the change of temperature.

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