Here at County Roofing in Somerset, we provide a range of lead work roofing service to suit your needs. By understanding the demands of the local area, our experts are able to offer the right roofing techniques for exceptional protection and strength. Lead is a versatile material for roofs, being malleable and highly resilient. On many buildings, it is used to prevent rainwater from entering the home and channelling it, instead, off of the building. We have a specialist team here who can support your roof repair needs and advise on the right lead work service to suit.

Lead Sheet Flashings

According to our experts, Lead Sheet is one of the best materials available for flashings. It can be cut easily and fitted on-site. Equally, the high malleability makes it ideal for dressing over-complicated shapes. These include multi-curved contours found on many roof tiles. Lead Sheet is also hardwearing and offers an exceptionally long life span which has been time tested many times before. When fitted properly, it will challenge even slate in terms of longevity. Our Lead Sheet specialists here in Somerset are on hand to support your project, no matter the size.

Design Considerations

Our extensive roofing experience allows us to take into account your design considerations when advising on the most appropriate solution. For many flashing applications, code 3, 4 and 5 Lead Sheet is an adequate choice. Additional thicknesses may be required for bossing or when dressing lead sheets over deeply profiled materials. To ensure long life, we recommend that individual flashing pieces not exceed 1.5m in length.

If working on Lead Guttering or Flat Roof Application, code 5, 6, 7 or 8 are the most appropriate choices.

Thermal Movement

Our team will also consider the coefficiency of lead when choosing the most appropriate solution for you. With a relatively high expansion allowance of 0.0000297 for 1oC, we recommend regular expansion joints to accommodate these temperature-related changes. This is to extend the lifespan of your roof and ensure the perfect coverage.

Our Lead Work specialists in Somerset are on hand to offer advice, information and recommendations. Get in contact today to discuss your individual project.