Commonly found on industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings, profile sheeting is a low cost and durable option. Now often found on residential properties too, it can be applied as a single skin sheet which is then built up to create a fully insulated system. Profile sheeting can be clad over an existing roof or used on its own and offers an exceptionally good barrier against the weather. Customer’s often choose this option due to its fast and easy application, making it one of the most cost-effective roofing solutions that we offer.

County Roofing are specialist roof contractors of profile sheeting. We have a team of skilled, expert roofers who have extensive experience offering this service. For many buildings, we are able to complete the installation process in a short period of time, minimising downtime and disruption to your everyday processes. We also have a dedication to ensuring quality and longevity on all of our roofing projects. As a local business, we use the highest quality profile sheeting. This ensures you receive a low maintenance solution, sure to last for many years to come. Equally, we are able to source it in different colours to suit your home and in suitable thicknesses, depending on your requirements.

County Roofing have the experience and technique needed to create a strong, reliable and protective roof for your business. If you’re interested in our profile sheeting offer or would like to discuss any individual requirement, get in contact today.