County Roofing uPVC fascia boards provide your home vital protection by keeping your roof space dry and well-ventilated whilst preventing damp and condensation – a common problem with many properties. The fascia is a long board that is attached at the point where the roof meets the walls of the building. It supports the bottom row of roof tiles and all of the guttering, so it needs to be robust, low-maintenance and weather-resistant. County Roofing provide an extensive range of uPVC fascia boards come in a wide variety of colours to remain in keeping with your property. We guarantee that your fascias will fit perfectly, as we make them to measure, using the best quality materials in the country.

County Roofing soffit boards create a clean edge and attractive finish to your roofline with a choice of styles to compliment your property whilst creating a weatherproof seal. We are able to offer a range of soffit boards and accessories to suit every taste.

Damaged roof guttering can seriously damage your home, so keep yours leak-free and looking good with County Roofing. A small investment can make a huge difference ensuring you avoid costly repair bills and much inconvenience.

So why not get in touch with County Roofing today for a completely free and no obligation quote and see for yourself how a few small changes to your home can make a massive difference to your life?