There are many types of roof tiles and slates available and County Roofing are happy to advise on the right roof covering for your particular project.

Cathedral Clay Pantiles provide an extremely sound modern roofing option.Developed using a meticulous process utilising the latest in clay technology, they are designed as a modern interlocking tile. Cathedral creates a striking look in either Terracotta or Black complete with all the character of a natural clay tile, they are designed to mellow with age.

Natural slate undeniably provides an incredibly aesthetically satisfying effect, unfortunately this comes at the cost of labor, weight and performance limitations. The BritLock™ and Balmoral slates avoid such limitations yet continue to present an authentic natural slate appearance. Interlocking slates provide a weathertight layer through the use of interlocking weather bars.

By reducing the overlap required between each slate weather bars reduce the amount of material required thus economising on both time and cost. Assisted by computer-aided tile design and wind tunnel testing interlocking slates can also be applied to perform at far lower pitches. Essentially interlocking slate provides the rewarding appearance of a natural slate look at a realistic price with exceptional performance.

There are numerous options available when deciding on a roof. Various factors such as practicality, suitability and cost all contribute to the final decision as to what materials should be used. Two of the most popular options are tiling and the increasingly popular slating.

Interlocking concrete tiles are arguably the most cost effective and common roof covering. Their large surface area means they can be quickly installed, while the interlocking design is easy to apply. Another major type of tile is plain. They are significantly smaller than interlocking tiles, which creates a dramatic increase in labor, but their overall effect can be incredibly satisfying. The last major tile type are Pantiles, traditionally made of clay, the downward roll of each tile simply roles over the upward roll of the preceding tile.

We do tiling – clay and concrete, we do slating – welsh, fibre cement, swithland.

We do flat roofing, single ply, built up felt roofing as well as Velux roof windows.

We can carry out repairs as well as re-roofs and advice is always given on the best solution for a problem.