Roof tiles offer many benefits to homeowners. From improving the aesthetics of a home through to offering additional protection, they are one of the most popular requests we have here at County Roofing. As leading roofing specialists in Somerset/Devon, our expert team are able to help you create a classic and traditional looking roof. We have a wide database of local contacts who are able to source high-quality and desirable tiles from all over the Country . Whether you’re looking to match existing tiles exactly or completely transform the look of your roof, we can help.

Whether you’re considering a new extension or have a newly built property, our specialist roofers will undertake roof tiling to the highest standard. We work primarily with clay or concrete tiles – both of which are available in a range of finishes. Both options offer exceptional protection while ensuring you can put a unique stamp on your home’s style. No matter the size of your building, we have roof tile specialists in Somerset/Devon who are on hand to help.

We also understand that adverse weather conditions and age both take their toll on the quality of a roof. Without proper care, this can prove detrimental to your property’s structure and the overall look of a property. This is why we also offer expert roof tile repairs, no matter how small. Our team is always on hand to help when it matters the most.
If you would like to discuss your roof tile needs in Somerset/Devon today, get in contact. We have over 40 years of experience serving the local area and meeting customer’s needs every single day. Our team can provide a completely free and no-obligation quote, allowing you to make the right decision for your building.