Roof Coatings are often used to:

-Protect existing roof systems;

-Increase longevity;

-Change to a lighter colour, thereby increasing reflectivity. In many jurisdictions where roofs are changed from non-white to an Energy Star Finish, substantial financial benefits can be realized from power companies as well as local authorities. In addition, the building can qualify for additional lead points;

-Since most single ply membranes are only available in limited colours, i.e. black, grey and white, it is often desired by the designer or owner to achieve certain aesthetic objectives by changing the roof colour. Sealoflex coatings are available in a wide variety of colours to achieve this objective.

New Construction – The Sealoflex Waterproofing Systems are equally effective in New Construction as they are in Recovery and Re-roofing applications. In fact, they provide the designer with the unique opportunity to incorporate a coping inside of parapet wall, and roof surface into a monolithic membrane. This membrane, therefore does not require multiple interfaces or junctions between dissimilar materials. The necessity for termination metal such as drip edge and termination bars become redundant, reducing the dependency on metalwork skills.

ROOF RECOVERY is a term used for applying a new system over the existing system which is approaching the end of its useful life. This would normally become apparent in the form of isolated leaks, making the roof system at that time, unsatisfactory to the occupant. In most of these cases, the roofs are physically in good condition and, with some minor rehabilitation, provide a good substrate for the application of a Sealoflex System. The application of a Sealoflex System over such a roof will create a fully bonded, monolithic, formed-in-place single-ply membrane which will carry industry-accepted warranties. The surface can be bright white, offering “cool roof” benefits. Another benefit of the Sealoflex Roof Recovery System is that the warranties can be renewed and extended by a program of regular maintenance and coating.